Working with Maureen has been a life-changing blessing. I appreciate that she has taught me how to work more effectively with and trust my own inner guidance. For years, I struggled to trust my inner knowing and would second guess decisions and the inner nudges I’d receive. Maureen was the first intuitive I’d worked with that gave me the practical tools and knowledge and encouragement to strengthen my own intuitive abilities. This has helped me personally, professionally and in relationships with others. My connection to Source and the angelic realm is stronger and clearer. Maureen is accepting, gentle, warm, and loving in her approach and creates a safe space to do the inner work and process whatever is needing to be healed at both the inner and outer levels.
Lisa Story
After my first session with Maureen, everything in my life to that point instantly made sense. She helped me to see that the path was always in front of me, and that I hadn't realized I was on it yet. In our monthly sessions, I have gained clarity on my life's mission and purpose and my work has taken on so much more meaning and joy! With Maureen's thoughtful guidance, I have been able to heal and grow in ways I was not able to do alone. Her ability to lovingly share the gifts of the Universe that we are all seeking, and that we all so deserve, has had an incredible impact on my life, my work and even my family. As I take steps forward with the work-in-progress life I'm striving for, I'm better able to show up for my loved ones. It is so beautiful to know that I'm not doing it alone.
With much love and appreciation.
Maureen has been instrumental in my healing journey over the past three years.

Every session is always very uplifting as my health program changes and evolves.

I am not only healing my body, but my mind, soul and spirit as we remove layer upon layer of what no longer serves.

Maureen is not only a very knowledgeable, talented, and gifted practitioner, but a deeply caring and loving woman who's light shines so brightly that it allows others to find their way.
I just wanted to say that our time together was life-changing!

Answered all my questions. Truly liberating! Thank you. I will go forward in JOY!

When I feel pulled back I will ask the questions and listen to the answers.

You are truly a miracle. I am so grateful I found you. Thank you Maureen!

Working with Maureen in her spiritual mentorship program has been a powerful and life-changing experience. She is kind, patient, loving and so incredibly supportive. To say she is highly intuitive would be an understatement. In my opinion, she is an incredibly gifted and talented lightworker in the truest sense of the word.

As a result of working with her, I feel that my own gifts have been fully activated. Divine forces have literally been ushering me forward at warp speed on my personal mission since our work together began. My coaching business has been up-leveled and cleared of many blocks that I had previously been unable to shift on my own.

The re-alignment has been profound and lasting. Everything (and everyone) that needed to be removed has been quickly and easily extricated while new, more aligned and high-vibing people, programs, solutions, and circumstances have shown up with ease and flow.

In truth, keeping up with this new energy has me breathless at times, but I’ve never felt more guided, supported, on purpose, and empowered by benevolent universal forces. In addition, my intuition and sense connection with the divine has increased dramatically. I now stand calm, clean and clear in my purpose and power… serving at a level I previously only dreamt of.

Maureen is a wonderful gift, powerful mentor, and sweet friend. I will forever be grateful for her presence and influence in my life as I travel this path, at this time, on this planet.

From the bottom of my heart, Maureen… Thank You!

Tamie M Joyce
Empowerment life coach